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Various - WebAR app

National Deaf Children's Society 2019

Three WebAR scenes created for the charity NDCS in 2019, for educational purposes and to introduce to a young auidience more interesting and fun ways of communicating complex themes.


Web AR


Phonak Compilot - 8th Wall - WebAR app

National Deaf Children's Society 2019

A simple 3D representation to show the size in real space of a technology product.


Web AR is enabled across various platforms and is increasingly being used as a smaller one off application - such as face filters on Facebook or Snapchat. Using your mobile device's web browser, this can be a quick way of advancing a campaign for a brand. Other more complex applications, such as 8th Wall and Zappar can offer much more detailed augmented reality scenes - from placing a 3D object in a space, to more involving walk through scenes.