Watchtower 1972.png
Walkways side view faded.png
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The Possibility of an Island is a project designed to work as a series of stills, an animated film, an exploration of graphic design and, in its ultimate form, a game implemented in Unity.

At it's heart this project is an homage to the Brutalist architecture of the Barbican Centre in London. Photographing the area, taking inspiration from the forms and changes in how materials work together inspired initially a series of images created using Blender. I photographed individual textures such as concrete and tiling to create my own unique UV textures.

The still images are intended as preparatory work for a series of CGI animations, the aim of which is to recreate the look and feel not only of the real architecture but to also nod to the archival clips of news features created in the 60s and 70s of the build of the Barbican. The faded colours and screen ratios are an attempt to be true to that era.


Throughout the world building I have tried to create graphics that fit in each scene that are only one step away from their real counterparts.

Every map, street name, street sign and place name is once removed from reality. The map for the entire project is based heavily on the maps used in the Barbican but given a subtle, playful edge, particularly in the use of new names for areas and streets.

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